Jenevieve Hexxx rides the Seahorse


Holy crow, that’s all I have to say about the Seahorse. I can’t believe the size of that thing! It’s beyond monsterous, in fact, there is a side-by-side of the toy and Jenevieve Hexxx‘s boots and the toy wins the battle of the bulge (no pun). Only one being on earth can tame this wild horse and that person is, of course, Jenevieve Hexxx.

BlueBlood’s Amelia G and Forrest Black are back at it again and this time they rope Jenevieve Hexxx into the equation to bring down the big bad Seahorse monster. Hexxx has the perfect look for this toy shoot. She is serious, strong, and seductive.

A lot of the SFW photos reminds me a bit of Conan/Red Sonja covers. It is the strong heroine posing with the legendary weapon of goodness. Let’s be frank—the seahorse is more weapon than toy and Jenevieve Hexxx handles it like it was some Donald Trump Pez dispenser found in the discount rack of the 99 cent store. It isn’t everyday that something designed to be the centerpiece of any photo shoot is outstaged by a flesh and blood model. That’s the power of Hexxx.

The SFW shots are amazing, but it’s the NSFW shots that will get the motors really running. Hexxx is at her best when she is unleashed and off the chain. Often when I see Hexxx, she reminds me of a legend straight from hell and that’s not a bad thing. She is a Mistress of Pain in the older sense of the game. Someone you can imagine in a movie walking through the door with demons chained on a leash, literally the woman who would make Satan her bitch. (Editor note: Jim means this as ‘dog’ not in the naughty word sense….). After seeing this shoot and the way she dominates the Seahorse, all questions are laid to rest in that aspect. Jenevieve Hexxx is the Queen.

We’ve been waiting to share this kickass series of the captivating Jenevieve Hexxx until the new issue of AltStar Magazine we shot these for came out. Blue Blood VIP members get to see the whole set! That is the Mr. Hankey’s Toys Seahorse she is wielding so sexily. That toy is impressively heavy, so this shoot was a workout. Enjoy!

–Amelia G


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