A BlueBlood Magic show with Scarlet Star


BlueBlood’s Amelia G and Forrest Black are back at it again and this time they bring Scarlet Star to grace our screens. I love gaming and I love card decks—the dice bring me back to older DnD days where a young Jim Phoenix received his first taste of gaming when his dad brought home a set of dice and a slew of forgotten AD&D gaming hard books that were left at the country club by a member. I remember the game unlocking my creative mind—the descriptions and the dungeon creations mixed with the feel of the white wax that I used to make the numbers show up better on the dice all played into a moment that formed me from an early age. Fast forward more years than time should allow any heathen and here we are—Scarlet Star lying naked on the ground, her body covered in memory.

I obviously love this shoot. It’s well thought and Scarlet Star is the perfect model for this. Her ‘naughty bits’ are covered for most of the early pages of this double-digit page spread and that’s just fine for me. The dice and the cards play into this vision. They are the rose pedal blanket American Beauty shot of perfection. Scarlet makes me forget Mena Suvari because Scarlet has something Mena doesn’t (beyond the dynamic duo of Amelia G and Forrest Black) and that’s an amazing ability to draw one in with her eyes. I love the full body shots and they are all very well done (nice boots, by the way!) but it’s the face with those eyes, those damn haunted eyes, that bring me back each time.

I can show you a few SFW shots with Scarlet Star stretching out her smooth body adorned with dice and I can show you those eyes but what I can’t show is how the build-up of the card game culminates with her ditching both dice and cards in order for us to show a bit of Marilyn-esque poses followed by a flank exposure move that would wipe the deck of even the most experienced Magic players.

If you are an old-school gamer or just a lover of a truly captivating shoot with ink and a killer set of shoes, then Blue Blood has the gallery for you. Just a quick click and you too can have a bit of Magic in your life.

We just ran across this fun series of Scarlet Star playing with her gaming accessories, which Amelia G and I shot a while back for a games project that got a bit back-burnered. Anyway, we realy like them so I’m happy I can share them here. It’s a mildly repetitive series, given the nature of the project, but since Scarlet looks so cute in a lot of them, I had trouble narrowing down the selection. Many years ago, Amelia and I used to do the whole vending Blue Blood magazine thing at SF, comics, and gaming conventions all up and down the Eastern seaboard and I remember a few conventions in particular, just when Magic the Gathering was just coming out. The Magic folks used to punk-rock barter with us, trading stacks of unopened MtG cards for copies of Blue Blood. I can’t quite remember which issue it was at the time, but maybe one of these days I’ll dig out our impressive collection of cards and play a few rounds. It seems like a lot of friends are getting back into the table-top gaming thing and I’ve been really enjoying it. Anyway, hope you like these too.
Forrest Black~


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