Jenevieve Hexxx slithers with a fricking snake


Alt Porn Award winner, Jenevieve Hexxx is pulling out all the stops with this BarelyEvil shoot with her and a snake. That’s right–a fricking snake. Oh, it isn’t just a wee snake either–has Jenevieve Hexxx done anything small? It’s a big white slithering familiar. This thing would give Nagini a run for her money. We are talking pure full-on snake in the face here.

I don’t know where to begin with this shoot. I’m both fascinated with how this Barely Evil shoot came out and a bit phobic of snakes. The photos here are nothing short of amazing–but with Jenevieve Hexxx teaming up with Forrest Black and Amelia G for Blue Blood’s Barely Evil, did you expect anything less? First, there is a lot going on in these 17–that’s right 17–pages of photos. We have clothing that is SFW-ish, with a snake, with the devil made flesh Jenevieve Hexx, with a skill I didn’t realize she had, with selfies.

I think the best way of describing these series is, I’m squeamish around snakes and I just spent over 30 minutes going over 17 pages of something that should freak me right out and I couldn’t help but fixate on the beauty of it all. I’m looking at a photo right now that isn’t SFW–Hexxx is on her stomach holding the snake in front of her. Her feet are crossed at the ankles and framed perfectly. The tatted arm holding the snake covers a bit of her face but those eyes are captivating. You really get a sense that the snake is her honest to goodness familiar just waiting to do Hexxx’s bidding (but, seriously, have you ever seen Hexxx? Who wouldn’t be willing to do her bidding?).

It isn’t a sense of danger with the snake, but one of grace. It’s funny to see a snake in a photo and go ‘you know, that’s the least dangerous being in that room….’. Hexxx is so darkly beautiful in these shots (and in everything I’ve seen her in, to be frank) that she creates this illusion of dark powers seducing the world. Okay, so I am not exactly sure that it’s an illusion. If I ever had to cast a ‘more adult’ version of Game of Thrones, Hexxx is Melisandre. They both have this unapologetic dark beauty about them.

Listen, there’s nothing that I can say that will sway you one way or another on this set by Barely Evil. If you like snakes, this is definitely for you. Heck, even if you are nigh Indiana Jones level phobic with snakes, this is still the shoot for you. Jenevieve Hexxx is well worth any night terrors one might suffer from the snake (It just had to be snakes….). OH, did I mention Hexxx can do the splits? I’ve always focused on her power that it was a great treat to see her pulling off grace so well. Hexxx really is the full package and this shoot showcases why she is one of the best talents ever to grace the electrons of BarelyEvil (and BE is known for outstanding models, so that says a lot).

Here is a fun set of Jenevieve Hexxx that Amelia G and I have been chomping at the bit to show you all. Her amazing slithery posing partner was very patient and cooperative and I really like how these came out. I hope you enjoy them as well!
Forrest Black


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