Scarlet Starr Is A Snake Charmer


There is something intriguing about a woman who can pose nude with an animal deemed dangerous in nature such as a snake, and Scarlett Starr deals with this tense moment and manages to present it as one of the sexiest things you have ever seen.

The only clothing items she is wearing in this BlueBlood gallery are a pair of socks of different colors and high heels (do you need more?), which make her look like a lady who spends her days with Harvey Dent.

The fact that the snake is playfully wrapping itself around her body gives the images a strong, BarelyEvil level of charm that will have you fantasizing for the first time in your life that you were a snake, if only so you could wrap yourself around a body as tempting as Scarlet’s.


I’d like to introduce Scarlet Starr with this sexy casual mirrored room set, playing with her cool rescue snake Nyx. Scarlet says she’s not 100% sure about the name yet, but she’s been nursing her python back to health since picking it up from a previous owner who did not know how to care for it properly. We had lots of fun with Scarlet and her snake too. I hope you enjoy these as well
~Forrest Black



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