Teasingly Cute Super Sonico Cosplay by San Dao


Is it hot in here or what? I’m pretty sure AC sure isn’t broken. Oh wait, I know! It’s probably because San Dao has another steamy cosplay of Super Sonico, who seems to be one of her favorites to cosplay.

Up to date, San Dao has cosplay different versions of Sonico and just when you think that because the show and the hype is all over and that may be all there is to cosplay, here she is again with yet another creative portrayal of Sonico. If that’s not dedication, then I don’t know what is!

For people who appreciate characters similar to Sonico and cosplays of these, you might want to it that bookmark button on San Dao’s social media so you can stay updated for future updates, however, if you can’t read “moon runes”, you can always bookmark Sexy Fandom because we will always have content for you.


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