HappyEndings Shows Off Her Yoga Skills


HappyEndings is a beautiful blonde hailing from Romania. There is something I find so sexy about a girl with an accent, and hers is gorgeous. It’s so exotic and coupled with her fair skin and blonde hair makes her a real beauty.

She has a great body and it must be from all of the yoga she does. She loves it too, as she is proud to show off her moves on camera. She pulls off a flawless downward facing dog, childs pose, and others I simply don’t know the name of. But, I don’t need to know the name to know I could watch her doing them all day.

Hello ! My name is Sarra , I’m 23 years old.February 8th is my birthday probably thats why I consider 8 is my lucky number ,13 as well.
I’m from Romania, finished College and now I’m on MFC. This definitly changed my life, I realized things that I would not even think about it and i met people that changed me for sure and that’s why I am very thankful to my friends I made here. I’m gonna mention the ones that have a special place in my heart(:crying): Matt, Charles, Alan, Amy, Harry, Dean, Paxt, Jedi, Greg, Ryan, Jeff, Alonso,Jason, Doug, Terry, Jeff(Peter), Frank,Victor, Matthijs, Kenny . Thank you for everything!


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