Super Sonico by Yumiya Chan

Talking about internet celebrities, I could never forget to mention Super Sonico! Her story is a bit similar to that of Hestia in my opinion. I say this because I had absolutely no idea who Sonico was until she started flooding the Internet in various ways, from fanarts to cosplays.

What I’ve gathered so far is that Super Sonico has brought the world a brand new stock of sexy cosplay photos. I may not know anything else about her and the franchise, but for me it’s enough. A quick search resulted in me finding beautiful women, one of them being Yumiya. Her Super Sonico looks hot and she definitely gives me the impression of a badass girl. The background and the work of the photographer really helped her case, and that’s the exact reason why I chose Yumiya to be featured today! So what’s your opinion on Super Sonico?

If you’d like to see more from Yumiya, check out her page.

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