Stephy’s Sensual Shotgun Show

Stephy looks super sexy wielding a shotgun and her eyes let you see her inner playfulness which comes off as if every time she stares at you she invites you to be naughty with her.

During this BlueBlood photoshoot, Stephy (lovely name, is it not?) also shows you the benefits of black latex pants, since their tightness and shiny nature help bring out her soft skin in a fascinating way.

If the Resident Evil series had a character like Stephy we would not need anybody else to defend us against the evil Umbrella Corporation.

Once her clothes are all off and all that remains for her to cover her body with is her shotgun, you will thank the heavens for all the sensuality that RubberDollies like her are known to have.



Stephy looks sexy with Forrest Black’s shotgun and a latex skirt. Some of this shoot Forrest and I did of her ran in Marquis magazine in print and you all get to see the whole thing.
–Amelia G


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