The Famous Super Sonico by Jessica Nigri


Everyone sees this sexy pink haired character being cosplayed either in her bikini outfit or the classic mint colored hoodie with the electric guitar. But most people might not know is, what is her origin?

Super Sonico is a female character from the game Motto! SoniComi but most people just call it Super Sonico. It is a visual novel game where the player aims to become a professional cameraman and take request from clients while also building relationship with them specially with the gravure idol Sonico. Besides having a game, Super Sonico also has an anime adaptation called, Super Sonico the animation and has a real life music concert on her own in every music festival even if she is just a 2D character.

Well we already know why game or rather the hot sexy pink haired busty character got famous but as everyone might think that her cosplay is too mainstream, what the hell, not everyone can cosplay it like Jessica Nigri.


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