Penny Poison strikes gold!


BlueBlood is back and this time Amelia G and Forrest Black showcase the girl with the split tongue, Penny Poison. Blue Blood and Penny Poison are a hard combo to beat and this shoot is no different. I love the tattoos that Penny Poison has and they come into play for this rather golden dress. What goes really well is the coloring and the position of the ink. It seems to go seamlessly into where the dress stops.

Penny is an active poser. What I mean by this is, it doesn’t matter what she is wearing–she is the star of the shoot. Some models are overshadowed by their outfits, but Penny Poison is in command. I love the shots of her on the sofa. There is something of fun here that really can’t be faked. There are also a lot of other shots that I can’t come close to showing you. I did debate one that was mostly safe for work, you know, except for the fact that her bum is exposed. Such a pity too because that particular shot is one of my favs from this set. It is in the way she holds herself for the camera that makes it a rather interesting and uplifting (phrasing!) photo.

I will leave you with a few of the safe for work shots (very few) that are available in this shoot. The rest are rather not safe but equally erotic. I know we all wish Penny luck at the EDI and what a better way to share some encouragement than to enjoy her art as given to us by Blue Blood.

As of this moment, Penny Poison is competing in the Exotic Dancer Invitationals (EDI – East), doing her amazingly entertaining and unique stage shows, so I thought it would be the perfect time to share this sexy set of Penny showing off her cool costume work. Although I’ve seen Penny do her magical thing, this is actually her first serious competition ever and we wish her the very best!


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