Happy Cammiversary, Summer Hart!


Summer Hart isn’t bad; she’s just drawn that way. To celebrate her five year cammiversary, Summer Hart is cosplaying eternal va-va-voom sexpot Jessica Rabbit, a busty babe who just wants a man who can make her laugh. She did her sexy eyelashes really great for this look. I love it! While, of course, Summer Hart intends to celebrate her cammiversary with some naughtiness, the general consensus seems to be that the people in her room want her to leave the sparkly red dress on for some Toon Town hotness. It is free to register to join her chat and weigh in on whether she should keep the dress on to satisfy your cartoon sweetie fetish or take it off to show all of her beautiful bod. Happy cammiversary, Summer Hart!









Hey! I’m Summer! Welcome to my page! Everyone is welcome here. Tips are always appreciated, and they keep me on cam, (I appreciate my supporters so much, without which I couldn’t be an entertainer here!) but please don’t feel like you can’t just cha t with me. I love to see a friendly face (or screen name, heh) and I appreciate anyone with a good sense of humor.

I talk a lot here, it’s my favorite part of MFC.(Read: Don’t lurk here, say hello!) I’m a feminist cam girl. I bet you are a feminist too, and if you don’t believe it, I bet I can convince you. I paint, and run and do yoga. I like to be naked outside. I travel and hike. I like to perform, and I was previously a burlesque artist. I spend a lot of time thinking, and reading, but I prefer talking and listening. I read palms, and if you’re nice, maybe I’ll warn you about your impending doom. I play the ukulele and some guitar and banjo. Sometimes write stupid songs. My favorite thing in the world is meeting new people. My cam SUPER POWERS are:1) being able to make friends with nearly anyone, 2) being able to find value in everyone, and 3) holding intelligent room conversations on educational, political, and social topics while giving you a boner. Think I can’t? Try me.


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