Eve Angel bares all in the snow


BlueBlood brings us out of the warm glow of the fireplace and right into the snowy forest. Viv Thomas makes a special outdoors shoot with a fur-covered Eve Angel. Okay, so covered isn’t exactly the word I want. In fact, it was darn right hard to find her in pictures that had her covered enough for Safe for Work posting. She’s wearing fur (we’ll say it’s fake so PETA doesn’t hate mail me – it might really be fake) a white bra and panty set and not much else. In fact, she drops the bra and panties pretty quickly. Don’t worry, though, she keeps the fur on. I kinda dig that look on her. The coat drapes off her like a cape in some of the pictures and I know she had to be freezing her booty off (although, I have pictorial proof that the booty was still intact!). It amazes me on what some models go through and still have a smile on their face. Eve Angel is a pro, and that smile–silky and seductive–never leaves her face (except for a small pout that puts the cherry on our Christmas pie).

Can you picture how that fur would feel against bare skin? Who needs a fireplace when you have Eve Angel warming you up?

How nice does a winter’s Eve look! The thing I miss the second most living in Los Angeles is the snow. So I always love sexy snowy pics.
–Amelia G


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