A Snow Angel


Angel Beau plays in the snow for GodsGirls in this outdoor shoot. Angel is a tattoo queen and this shoot shows a lot of her art from the chest down to her toes. I think part of the greatness of Angel is getting to see new ink on her every time I look. It’s like an easter egg hunt for hipsters. I think her butt is a work in progress (the ink, not the flesh. The flesh is pretty darn good). It makes me wonder how she picks out the location and the set that she is going to get inked in.

The wardrobe for this shoot is also something that brings a bit of pop. It seems like a gothy bride of death thing rather than a snow nymph, but maybe that’s what a snow nymph really is. Either way, she pulls it (and her clothes) off well.

snow nymph angel beau

angel, snow nymph

snow nymph angel beau


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