Angel in Wonderland


I’m late, I’m late, well, sorta anyways. This time GodsGirls brings us a bit of Alice in Wonderland. I’m not sure if this is what Carroll had in mind (after all, the model is of legal age), but I like this adaptation. The uniform is cute and simple. A recognizable Alice type dress that comes off rather easy, as all dresses should. The mushroom itself fits in well. In fact, it becomes a prop later on. Angel displays herself proudly to the camera and incorporates a bit of the mischief shown in the Alice series. I do love her stockings, the one bit of clothing that seems to stay no matter what else might be discarded. They go well with the time period school girl shoes. Her slender body is really a good match for Alice too, although I am not entirely sure what to make of the fish tattoo on her front. It does seem very Alice, but a bit Hatter random to have jumping around one’s tummy. Then again, maybe I should focus a bit more on her other bits being tossed around in Wonderland.

angel beau

Description : We’re not really sure if this is what Alice was getting up to in Wonderland but we’re not complaining!

angel alice


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