Angel in the torture chamber


GodsGirls brings us some straight freaky Saw stuff with Angel as the victim. The entire shoot seems to revolve around her being in a dingy room with stains and cutting tools on the wall, a broken down wheelchair towards the back and some chains coming from the ceiling. They say it is a chamber of horrors and it can live up to its name. Yet, no matter how rough and dirty is, Angel still finds time to do a few yoga poses. I guess what they say is true, that if you can master Yoga then it doesn’t matter where they hold you. Your mind will be as flexible as Angel’s thighs. Speaking of thighs, I think that, even though the room kicks butt, it is the model that really makes this shoot move. The best pictures are of her standing on one leg whilst bending the other leg over her head. In fact, I think I will come back to that NSFW one right after I post this.

Angel, la chambre du l’horreur



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