Dune Spice Poster – Art by Aristotle Pramagioulis


A friend of mine emailed me the Dune Spice poster below this morning and I have been googling Aristotle Pramagioulis all day. I’m really impressed that he has both wit and great design in this poster. I also want to know where to buy some Spice Melange. Or what kind of doctor I need to go to in order to get a prescription. Aristotle Pramagioulis and Egregore Design have done work for such esteemed events as Jeff Mach‘s Steampunk World’s Fair. According to an extensive interview on Decimonic, prior to getting into design, Aristotle Pramagioulis studied engineering and architecture. These things and his fascination with Victoriana inform his art with a very distinctive and appealing look. Did I mention I really want some Spice? It is, uhm, for a friend.

If you have no idea why this poster inspired by Frank Herbert’s Dune is awesome, please get thee to Amazon immediately and rectify this.

dune spice melange aristotle pramagioulis blue eyes poster


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