Corpse Bride Grace With Lace


There is an interesting element in this GodsGirls shoot where Lace is dressed up as a very sexy corpse bride, and no, it is not only the part where she unveils her glorious body for your enjoyment; well, it is, also, but there is this other thing that stands out as it is a fun and interesting idea. There are parts of the shoot where you can see Lace holding up a piece of string to her body or face, really creating the illusion that she not only is actually a sown up character, but that she also used that piece of string to hold herself together.

Obviously, the artsy factor is not the only reason why we are all here, and let me tell you that once you lay eyes on the captivating Lace you will have a hard time looking away, for she is beautiful and has a graceful appearance, which is of course enhanced by her red lipstick, red hair, white makeup and the sown-up bits.


Name Lace
Age 25
Gender Female
Relationship Status In a Relationship
Sexy Orientation Bisexual
Occupation Arts
Location UK
Hometown California
About Me Kinky, innocent-looking little girl who loves art, corsets and cats.




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