Eve Angel begs to be unwrapped


It’s the holiday season and Blue Blood is keeping us all on our toes with their sizzling Christmas shoots. This time, we find Eve Angel under our tree. Viv Thomas really set this one up nicely. The tree is a great counter for the background and Eve is a perfect fit with her Christmas red stockings and matching top with panties. There was always something magical about Christmas morning as a kid, and this BlueBlood shoot brings me back. No, I never saw a present that looked like Eve under my tree, but I do remember the thrill of it all. Eve Angel seems to share that thrilling feeling of Christmas morning. In fact, I can’t show you most of this shoot because Eve Angel is so excited it’s Christmas, well, she just can’t keep her hands off herself. But really, do you blame her? For the record, she’s rocking some killer spikes for that extra special stocking stuffer. Someone must have really impressed Santa this year.

Just think, if all of our gifts looked like Eve Angel, I guess I’d have some extra sucking up to Santa to do.

‘Tis the season for lounging in front of the decorative tree in sexy stockings. Eve always brings the holiday sexiness.


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