Arrow – Unfinished Business


Is it wrong that I laughed really hard when the chick wandering the highway in the openin gets hit by a car? Something about the camera angle just made me lose it. I’ve also been dealing with the cable company all day so it’s nice to see the joke on somebody else.

But the bottom line is drugs are bad kids.

So The Count isn’t as bonkers as we thought and escapes the mental institute. Or did he?! Has anyone stopped to consider that maybe this is a parallel Fringe universe? One where Lincoln didn’t have the same opportunities so he’s a crazy drug lord? Makes sense to me.

Turns out Tommy knows our dead girl and seems pretty squirrelly when grilled by Dresden. And he paid off some inspector. Not looking good for you tommy boy.

On the Lost island we get to know our new side kick, crazy ninja girl, Shado. She and Deathstroke tussle in an erotic fashion and she tries to get Ollie to slap some water. Fer realz. Slap that water like its Tina Turner! Sorry.

Diggle’s got some action on the side, hunting down Deadshot contacting an old spook girlfriend? Then he and Ollie have a lovers spat cuz Diggle didn’t have his back even tho the situation worked itself out.

Is this Tommy trying to protect Ollie? Pay off an inspector so he doesnt discover the lair but don’t tell Ollie? That’s kind of something he needs to know about, buddy. Sure he was trying to protect Ollie, but he still comes across as such a douche, and yeah, it is believable that you would sell drugs. You’re a total Magoo, Tommy.

This scientist may be my favorite thing in this whole episode. Duder reverse engineered the drug for a biopsy from The Count’s kidney. SCIENCE MUTHER FUCKER!!!

Oh but then he slips Ollie a serious Mickey but Diggle is there for the rescue. Eww Ollie just puked up a bunch of green ooze. That. Is. Nasty.

And then Tommy says “I quit this bitch!” What a puss. So your boss doesn’t trust you. Welcome to the work force! Instead he goes running back to daddy. You. Are a turd.


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