Game of Thrones: Dark Wings, Dark Words


Let the Green Dreams begin! Bran dreams of running and hunting and days past and future while the Three Eyed Crow watches and laughs. We quickly catch up with Kat and Theon, bad news for both of them but only Theon gets a knife under his fingernails. Ouch and ugh.

Brienne and Jaime continue their romp through the forest and are my favorite duo in the whole series. Jaime’s complete lack of respect for her only makes her angrier. They’re like an old bickering couple that you see eating at a diner, hating every minute of it. Fascinating to watch but you’d rather not be playing.

Joffrey proves to his mother that he isn’t cunning, doesn’t pay attention and can’t play The Game at all. She must see so much wasted potential in him.

The Queen of Thrones makes her satisfying debut and is the OG of The Game. Dianna Rigg was such a perfect casting choice for this roll, I just love it. She welcomes Sansa to the chicken coop and coaxes information out of her, learning all the dirt on Joffrey. Lemon cakes make for loose tongues!

I find it odd that they let Kat believe that Bran and Rickon could still be alive. In the books everyone believes they are dead and sends Kat into despair. Maybe the show didn’t want her to be so depressing and annoying as she is in the books?

The Wildlings continue their march south and we get to see more of their creatures and strange talents.Orell is able to see the massacre at the Fist but that’s about all we get out of them this episode. They march for a while, sooo, yeah, just them walking, for a long time.

Poor Sam, what a sad sack. It’s frustrating to watch him be so pathetic but there it is.

The boy from Bran’s dream appears in the mist, looking like a Tim Burton cartoon, and confuses everyone involved, except the dire wolf.

Gendry, you shut your dirty, whore mouth about Jaqen!! You don’t know shit! Oh it’s Thoros, well this will get interesting. They did some condensing here but that’s fine. Highlights only!

Shae is annoying and I have never understood what Tyrion sees in her. I guess they are both outcasts and blah blah but she’s always rubbed me the wrong way, but she must rubs him the right way. Cue the rim shot!

Joffrey, that crossbow makes you look foolish. We get it! Renly was gay. Why are we still talking about him? This scene is making me uncomfortable.

Things are going quite poorly for Theon. It’s hard to feel pity for him after he’s been such a shit, but this is cringeworthy to the nth degree.

Wow they really switched things around here. That’s a great deer-in-the headlights look from Arya when the newly captured Hound outs her to Thoros. I totally lol’d. Really excited for this plot line, it’s gonna get good!

Let the showdown begin! In this corner we have the beauty from the Sapphire Islands! Deadly as she is large! Brienne of Tarth! And in this corner, the Golden Boy of King’s Landing, the one and only Kingslayer, Jaime Lannister! Brienne is the best! Slashing at Jaime like he’s nothing. Take that! Oh wait, no, this could be bad. Could be? IS! Fifty Seven minutes is not enough goddamnit!


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