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Now, I didn’t go to Television medical School, but I could have sworn Deadshot got shot in the eye and should be dead. Last I checked there’s not a whole lot of armor between the eye and the brain. But again, I didn’t go to TV Medical School.

Diggle’s government friend isn’t happy about being used so that he can find Deadshot. Why are her panties in a twist? She was so happy to see him last time, a little too happy.

Laurel’s new clients get murdered by Gunn from Angel! What a jerk! But the kid escapes so Laurel takes him in, you know, for safe keeping and to bring more dudes with guns to her house so that Ollie has to come save her. Again. Oooo at least she had some smarts and a shotgun this time. That is a remarkable improvement.

And now Oliver has the kid for safekeeping cuz he basically lives in a cult compound. Which makes everyone but Laurel seem uncomfortable. Poor Tommy, he knows he sucks and that Oliver is better than him now and that he’ll eventually mess up and Laurel will run back to Olivers arms. But then Gunn kills the Big Bad himself and goes after the kid. Really dude? Just skip town. That kid is never gonna be able to finger you. Death by fire poker! That’s a new one. Jinx, Dresden, you owe me a coke.

Speedy and speedy eat food but Speedy stole a police radio and Speedy gets caught by Dresden and then shown a body in the morgue and blah blah blah.

Diggle goes to the Deadshot setup, looking suspicious as fuck, and still manages to figure out where he is, save his FBI lady friend and throw a few punches at Deadshot’s mug. But he still gets away and Diggle throws a hissy fit that Oliver went after the Big Bad of the Week rather than back him up. I got mixed feelings about that. Diggle definitely needed help but I don’t think that was the right venue for the Hood to take down Deadshot for good, way too public and Oliver probably would have gotten caught. Instead he went after a threat he knew he could neutralize. Eh, Diggle will get over it.

On the Lost island, Ollie makes a move on Shado who is just sassy enough to get on my good side. Yao Fei betrays the castaways and votes them all off. What’s gonna happen now? It hasn’t been five years yet.

After all the hub bub Tommy confronts Ollie about Laurel. Clearly Ollie is still in love with her but says that because he’s the Hood he can never be with her. And Tommy thinks that’s bullshit and for once, he’s totally right! So Tommy decides to play the asshole card and breaks up with Laurel when she’s super emotional and vulnerable. Um, k. And then Diggle breaks up with Oliver. Awww, you guys.

No one took their shirt off this episode. Disappointing.


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