Azrael’s Accomplice Wows With Period Gowns and Custom Corsets


I’m going to be honest – I was surprised to see Azrael’s Accomplice still in business. Not because it’s a bad store – but because I have lusted over dresses and corsets from there for well over a decade now. I use to read creator/designer Batty’s blog all the time and ooh and aah over new creations. Even though there’s less latex and even the dress I use to envision saving up for (a corseted black and white stripped gown inspired by the character Katrina Von Tassel from the movie ‘Sleepy Hollow’) – there’s still numerous pieces for me to get a girl-boner over.

Already I’m having visions of me in the Ghost Town Belle Gown. The corset is tight and will flatten out the mid section (and push up the boobs!) while the bottom of the dress is loose and between that and the bustle, my hips will fit in nicely. Now if only the Anne Rice ball was still a thing, I’d be all set! The ebay store for Azrael’s Accomplice is also something that should be checked out – they have many cute steampunk heels and boots there!


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