Handmade Unicorn Horn Circlets For Play or Fashion


firefly pathI’ll admit, I’ve seen my fair share of fairies and furries in my day. I’m kind of digging this idea of a cross over. The Firefly Path makes handmade, one of a kind unicorn circlets that let you release your inner creature and they have a Firefly Path Etsy store. I can’t help but think that this will be what bridges these two groups of people together. I think I could get into some kind of dress up where I’m a faun with a unicorn horn. And I’d be the most beautiful dammed faun-a-corn ever!

It’s definitely worth the time in opening all the pics and getting to see the real details on the horn circlets. There are a handful of unicorn sets already made, but it appears as though there’s the opportunity to request a custom item as well. If you want to be a one of a kind unique unicorn just like the one of a kind person you are, this is worth a look. Checking out The Firefly Path Facebook is well worth it as well – numerous ideas on how you can wear your horn.


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