Laura as Belle


GodsGirls brings us a re-imaged Belle. I do think Laura makes a great case for Belle (although she is a bit busty for Belle, and I don’t recall Belle having a South Park tattoo…) from the Beauty and the Beast story. I love Laura. What I really love about her is the way she can use her god given talents, and her body, to give off an expression of what the Disney princess really might be like today. The tattoos push this forward, as does her sense of style. One of the issues I can have with recreations of known figures is that the person goes too close of a match with no insight into the character. Laura seems to break through this and she does so in her own style and fashion.

Plus, can you really go wrong with a gorgeous tattoo’d woman with a great great natural set of ummm…bells. If you think she fills that yellow dress out nicely, wait until you see her shed that costume and show some skin. It’s worth the wait.


beauty and the beast and belle



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