When Beauty Becomes Yummy: Olivia Mears as Taco Belle


I’ve never seen a cosplay costume as mouthwatering as this! Olivia Mears also known as “Avant Geek” or “Taco Belle” – one of the most celebrated cosplayers and costume designers – was the genius behind this gorgeously yummy dress. Cosplayer Olivia Mears’ “Taco Belle” went viral when she wore this dress in a Taco Bell Restaurant. Although it wasn’t her first appearance in a Taco Bell restaurant as “Belle“, this costume really made a good impression for her not just in the online world but, above all, in the cosplay community.

She really brought the Disney princess “Belle” (from “Beauty and the Beast“) to life with an additional interesting flavor that will totally leave you craving for more…

Taco Belle


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