Heavy Red Victorian Misfit Gown


heavy red victorian misfit gownHeavy Red has recently released a Victorian Misfit Gown. Of course, all Victorian styles have a touch of steampunk about them. Or perhaps all steampunk has a touch of the Victorian. At any rate, Heavy Red gets a steampunk bonus for featuring their lovely gown model loitering by an old train. After dirigibles, trains are nicely steampunk modes of transportation, even without a steam-powered engine. I wish Heavy Red credited the model and photographer her, but they describe the Victorian Misfit Gown thusly: “The trains all stopped dead in their tracks as she walked by…stunning, breathtaking and with devious intentions. Born of another time, lost in this world, she is a misfit.The Misfit Gown is deep blood red satin, covered with a net and lace overdress. The overdress is adorned with black lace, ribbon and sequins. This fitted A-line dress gives you a glamorous statuesque figure, while not being impossible to wear, accentuating the bust and hemline, while distracting from the hips and tummy. Dress has spaghetti straps and a side zipper. This is a dress that is truly to die for…Shown with our matching sequin strap gloves.”


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