Princess Zelda Makeup Tutorial For Cosplay Fans


I was happy with how easy this Princess Zelda makeup tutorial was – even though it has fake ears, a wig, and contacts that go along with it. It wasn’t hard to follow at all and everything I would need makeup wise, I have on hand. Another perk to this look is it’s something that could be done not just for cosplay, but for an evening out as well. Of course, if you’re going out to dinner, I’d probably not wear the elf ears.

I really wish the makeup artist would have shown a close up of the ears. She suggested you put some of the liquid foundation on the fake ears and it seems like it would look different than it would on your face. Or if your hair/wig is covering where the fake ears meet the real ones, why use the foundation?

I always wanted to do a Princess Zelda Transformation but Her Accessories/Costume was just too complicated for me to make.
Lucky enough The Iron Ring Costumes said they would gladly make one for me.I was so Happy.They did such an amazing Job !!! I am planning to wear this look on this year’s Comic-Con 🙂

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Products Used :
Liquid Foundation : Revlon Color Stay
Powder Foundation : Cargo Hd
Contour Eyeshadow : Shu Uemura
Purple Eyeshadow : Wet n Wild 248 Lust Desir
Gold : Mac Pigments
Eyelash Curler : Shu Uemura
Fake Eyelashes : Invisibands
Black Liquid Eyeliner : Lancome Artliner
White Eyeliner : Lancome ‘Blanc’
Blush : The Balm ‘Fratboy’
Lipliner : Milani ‘Berry Charming’
Lipstick : Maybelline ‘Pink Please’

Blue contacts : ‘Geo Super Angel Blue’
Wig : Ebay
Costume :

Video Filmed by Jimmy Ngo & Josh Mossman


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