Elementary – Pilot


Watson swings her arms too much when she runs. You gotta tuck those elbows in or you’ll waste energy. Come on girl, you were an Angel. You should know that.

Anyway, Elementary is a similar modernization to Holmes as Sherlock is for the BBC but not quite as compelling as Sherlock is. Sherlock really has a wonderful, twisted relationship between the two main characters as well as surreal, interesting cases to solve and an overlying arch with Sherlock’s nemesis, which adds so much more tension to the show. Elementary has some things going for it, I think the leads in this will have a similarly intense relationship but the pilot offers a fairly pedestrian case to solve. Will the cases evolve as the season continues? I sure hope so, because if not, it’s just yet another crime scene drama and there are far too many of those already. We’ll see what happens.


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