Tom Wlaschiha is Awesome (PICS)


I try to use my powers for good. We all know that with great power comes great responsibility. So on occasion I send my shirts to people I like. This includes my awesome friends, comedians whose podcasts I love and celebrities. Sometimes I get plugs from said people, which is cool and gives me warm fuzzies, but I really do it to show appreciation to people that I really like and admire. I discovered that Tom Wlaschiha‘s (that’s Mr H’ghar if you’re nasty) birthday is a day after mine so I just HAD to send him a couple shirts and a Happy Birthday note. That was way back in June and I had completely forgotten about it until last week. When I got this in the mail.

My first thought was who the hell is sending me a letter from the UK, then I opened it and swooned. Included in the envelope were two autographed pictures and a note thanking me for the shirts. Score of the year! What a sweet guy, he actually took time to write out a note with his standard photos. I looked around the net a bit (a lot) and saw that some other crazy fan girls also got pictures but I GOT A FREAKING THANK YOU NOTE! Thanks Tom, you rock.


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