HeroesCon 2012 Wrapup (PICS)


This past weekend I schlepped my wares down to Charlotte to see if the fine folks of North Carolina needed any Tentacle dresses. It turned out that they did. Since this was a comic con, my more hardcore nerd designs won out over my weird zombie child, but still, twenty bucks is twenty bucks!

It was really great to catch up with some of our friends from the comics world that we hadn’t seen since we moved from San Francisco, all those years ago. Did you know that Fraction and Kelly Sue have the most adorable lil tatter tots ever?! Those two hotties make cute ass kids. That’s all I’m saying. The Double M, Mike Mignola was there, which shouldn’t be a surprise since I think he goes to every con ever. He stopped by the booth across from me a few times, Handmade Stuffs, as she had given him an Abe Sapien plush doll earlier in the con. I bought a Hellboy from her! It was too cute to resist. The Lando was also calling my name but, come on, Hellboy.

My pal Dave Johnson was there too. He’s just the best, he did all the covers to “100 Bullets”, which you should read if you haven’t. Srsly, stop reading this and get your ass to the local comic store if you haven’t. I’ll wait.

You back? Okay, Dave is just the tops. He also designed my sleeve after much pestering and prodding. It is my favorite tattoo! Even if I can’t go anywhere without people trying to grab my arm and ask about it. It’s my robot arm, okay? Go away.

It was really great to vend a for realz con after so many niche and craft shows. Hey! Someone will show me my table without having to track five people down!? There’s a loading dock!? That was mos def a nice change of pace. I even got to meet some people I didn’t know, like Beast Wreck creator Jared, who makes kick ass shirts! I bought a Boba Fett shirt, cuz, that’s how I roll. Tons of cool people came and talked to us over the weekend: a couple Twitter friends, a weirdo in a Foetus shirt, hot ladies in cosplay, awkward teens, a guy who put my Azathoth temporary tattoo on his forehead… You kids be crazy! The South really does have that certain charm that makes you forget they hate gays and such. Plus who can say no to a breakfast sandwich and grits for two freaking dollars!? Next year we’ll have to plan an extra day to drive back, getting home at 3am was rough. Thanks Charlotte! You’re a peach! Wait, that’s Georgia. North Carolina’s fruit is the Scuppernong Grape. Well, there you go!

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