Arrow – Pilot


Oh hello there, fair reader! How have you been? Remember when I wrote fascinating pieces for your enjoyment? Me too! Well after a shortish sabbatical (read making shirts like crazy for ThinkGeek) I’m back to delight your eyeballs and scintillate your mind grapes!

The CW’s latest comic book related offering comes to us in the form of Arrow, which is all about OG Green Arrow, Oliver Queen. Starting us off with his weird back story of being shipwrecked on some weird island, we quickly learn that he was a douche bag rich kid with no respect. No respect I tell ya! There are a lot of hints and homages to other villains and things that will come to pass and my husband assures me that most of it is accurate.

Ya know what I instantly like about this show, as compared to say, other less good shows like your Smallivilles, they are not afraid to kill some bitches in this show. You know what happens when you get shot with an arrow? Well I’ve seen a lot of Xena in my day and all those mofos died. They fucking DIE! They don’t have to hear about Clark Kent’s lame “girls don’t like me” speech while he places bad guys softly on the ground and wishes them a good day. Oh I rue the day that I ever watched any Smallville! I was often banished from the living room for the obscene amount of smack talk I delivered during that show. It was like I belonged in the WWE (or the WWF if you remember those days).

Anyway, I remain cautiously optimistic about this show. Hey, at least they picked a SUPER FUCKING IN SHAPE GUY to play lead, tho they can take the parkour down a notch. As well as the VO. Look, I know you guys got a lot of ground to cover and the demographic that you’re gunning for isn’t known for their long attention spans, but we’ll catch on. Superhero: check. Crazy 8 pack abs: check. People be dying: check. Let’s stick with that and see where it goes.


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