Revolution – Pilot


WHAT IS JULIETTE FROM THE ISLAND DOING IN THE PAST BEFORE THE ISLAND!? AND HIS NAME IS BEN!?!? DEJA VU! THIS IS HOW IT ALL STARTS! LOOK OUT FOR THE SMOKE MONSTER! Seriously tho, that poor actress is never gonna get away from the Juliette box and that thing where her eyes blink at two different times, like Scully from “X-Files”.

So our main character here knows some serious shiz is about to go down and doesn’t do a very good job of warning his peeps. And then everything goes dark. Maybe the people on that plane are okay. No, probably not now.

All the commercials that they played for this show during the Olympics and for weeks and weeks made me think it might be promising, but this pilot is not doing it for me. It’s all very copy and paste from a million other shows. The End of the World is here but people have made do, but now shit is hitting the fan and blah blah blah. They need to seriously step it up on the plot here if they are going to keep viewers.

I give the violence a C-. It’s overly dramatic in that super fake kind of way. I can almost see the wires of these stunts and it makes no sense for this show. This is a show about society after The End. Not a scifi show with crazy weapons. If someone gets shot with an arrow they shouldn’t get jerked backwards like a car hit em. Come on guys.

Right, and then we’ve got this magic electricity magnet to deal with. It’s kind of like Jericho, only, not.

I’ll give it a few more weeks, but I predict it won’t make it through sweeps. Or I could be wrong. But I never am.


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