Remembering Rem From Re: Zero

You might have already seen images similar to Cheryl‘s cosplay of Rem floating around the website and people reacting to it as if someone just took their favorite candy. Why? Because of her one-sided love story which I will not spoil for you because you have to take the plunge and feel it.

Not familiar with the anime Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu? Here’s a bit of a summary. If you’ve watched anime wherein the environment is a game-like world, Re: Zero will surely feel familiar. The difference is, Re: Zero appears to be a just a tad bit more sadistic. While it may be a bit similar to other gaming-themed anime, what makes this plot unique is that with the main character, Subaru’s death, everything resets. Although everyone else around Subaru forgets, Subaru alone retains all that he has learned from that “life” before he died. So it’s basically re-living and dying over and over again and the pain is real.

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