This short anime story really intrigued me. I saw it was just less than 7 minutes, barely had enough time to build a story in my opinion (before watching this) but it is ranked # 210 by If you think it’s like Billboard where, oh, only the best are included in top 100 and beyond that, it’s a flop. In anime business, ranked # 210 is a very, very amazing achievement, especially when there are thousands real good anime movies and series and this one you can even watch and finish while you’re on your break time– and still have time to reflect on what you just watched! Yes, you have that enough time.

So, how would a story be told in just less than 7 minutes?

The answer lies on electronic producer, Porter Robinson.

He is one of the many people who is Western but has deep love with anime. In his interview with Japan Times at the Sony Music Japan office, he stated and I qoute:
“If I could convert 100,000 people worldwide into anime fans, I feel like it would really make an impact”
I’m extremely invested in the Japanese anime industry.”

I watched the short movie myself and I really felt what Porter is trying to tell in this short movie and it really moved me that I actually cried. It is also amazing to mix both Western and Asian ideas to come up with a masterpiece such as this. At first, when the music started, I thought my player auto-played my playlist for some reason because I, too, is a Porter Robinson fan. I can actually compare this to “Kimi No Na Wa” level right now. It still gives me the chills up to now.

Crunchyroll had introduced Porter Robinson to A-1 Pictures and we had also included the video/interview by Crunchyroll to both of them and the making of “Shelter”.


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