Ornately Beautiful Tepes Krul Cosplay


These cosplay photos are just too beautiful to not share. It is evident from the detailed costume to the elements in the photos that both the photographer and the cosplayer truly put in a lot of effort to put together this gorgeous output.

Not only have they prepped a lovely set and planned for the creative angles but the costume was intricately made as well. Looking closely at Momo’s costume for Owari no Seraph’s Tepes Krul, you can see that the fabric she’s chosen for the dress is decorated with subtle lovely patterns that add to the elegance of her costume which, by the looks of it, is made to be high quality. Obviously there will be people who will be a little more critical with accuracy or staying true to the original reference of the costume but for what it’s worth, cosplay is also about creativity and this not entirely a deviation to the original.


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