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tyrion slap joffrey gif

Tyrion Slaps Joffrey GIF

Apparently the graphics department here has too much time on their hands. A woman says she wants a Tyrion slapping Joffrey GIF.

Game of Thrones – The Old Gods and the New

You know it’s going to be a good episode when ALL the warnings show up on the intro screen. Graphic nudity! Violence! Other ones! Winterfell falls to dickbag...

Game of Thrones – Ghost of Harrenhall

Boom! And like that, King LGBT is deadzorz by the hands of shadowy Stannis Demon Baby. This is a bit of a kink in the plan for the Tyrells and Little Finger is quick to...

Game of Thrones – Garden of Bones

Where do I start here? A lot of crazy, crazy shit is going down in Westeros. Team Wolf Squad strikes down some Lannisters by surprise but Robb can’t feel good...

Game of Thrones – The Night Lands

Nothing makes you sigh that heavy sigh of acquiescence like family. You know the one, when you think about your family and the crap you have to put up with. This episode...


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