Game of Thrones – The Night Lands


game of thrones yara theon greyjoyNothing makes you sigh that heavy sigh of acquiescence like family. You know the one, when you think about your family and the crap you have to put up with. This episode was rife with family strife coming from all directions.

We get to spend some time with Theon Greyjoy in this episode, a character I always wanted to like. Brash, handsome, ladies man. Total tool box. He thinks he’s got it all figured out til he returns to his home of Pyke to offer a plan from Robb Stark. I think he’s forgotten that all these years with the Starks he was really a prisoner. Well his dad sure as hell didn’t forget and thinks Theon has gone soft, which I would agree with. He hasn’t even killed anyone, meanwhile his sister, Yara (Asha in the books), is all growed up and eager to mess with him. And it really does take a lot to impress a Pyker. Pick up your game homeboy, you don’t belong in the Kraken Castle if you haven’t paid the Iron Price. And the fireplace in that castle gave me a boner.

Tyrion and Cersei yell it out and she almost shows some humanity, but instantly ruins it by being a total bitch. This is going to be a trend so get used to it. At least we didn’t have to look at Joffery’s punk ass face this week. Instead it was lots of boobs!

Hooray for Whore School! It seems to be working, except when Roz gets the sads cuz they killed that baby in front of her. Hey, that’s the way it goes. This whole scene with Little Finger and Roz is not in the book, but does illustrate what a jerk LF can be when he wants to, and the importance of ROI.

Arya’s journey continues north to the Wall and Yoren gets to show what a bad ass he is when he stands up to a couple of Gold Backs who’ve come for Gendry’s head. Oh Yoren, you’re one of my favorites. Even if you do probably smell like a hobo.

Craster’s hill billy palace is not what it seems, but John refuses to help one of the Daughter/Wives seeking help. Everything’s great in the desert with Dany and by great I mean not. My favorite pirate shows up when Davos the Onion knight asks Salladhor Saan to pledge his ships to Stannis’ noble quest for the throne. And Stannis bones that Ginger Witch on the map table. That part is totally not in the book and Stannis is way too moral and square to ever do that.

Predictions! Roz invests in some small cap stocks and retires early.


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