Do You Know Kafka?


Honkai: Star Rail, the new HoYoverse space fantasy game released. Is it a Genshin Impact clone just set in a different world? Maybe? Maybe not? Opinions may differ depending from person to person. But hey, they did come from the same maker. The more important question is, is it fun to play? Which is, yes. In the game, players can choose to either play as Kafka or Silver Wolf, who wakes up remembering nothing about the world, and so the players journey with the amnesiac character and learning about the world alongside with them.

Amidst varied opinions about the game’s reception, one thing remains certain – cosplayers like Rioko, are undoubtedly celebrating. The introduction of fresh characters in the game means a new opportunity for creative cosplay endeavors.

Rioko’s cosplay is of the character, Kafka, a Stellaron Hunter whose storyline the players will be acquainted with very early on in the game.

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