Have You Seen This Dragon?


“The lonely girl who once feared her own power, trapped in the space between dragon and mortal, is no more. With the love from her parents, the kindness of her best friend, and the trust she has in her friends, this dragoness breaks out of her shell, casting aside her solitude and fear to take a brave step forward.” – Grea, Descendant Dragoness Description

While Granblue Fantasy may not have reached the same level of fame on this side of the Pacific just yet, it’s an absolute sensation in its own right. This extraordinary mobile gacha-style JRPG, crafted by Cygames, boasts an astounding community of over 24 million passionate players. Granblue Fantasy has even captivated fans with its wildly popular anime adaptation.

This dragon princess, Grea, is a character from Granblue Fantasy. She also appears in Rage of Bahamut and is the protagonist in Manaria Friends. In the Granblue Fantasy game, she appears in different costume version, one of which is her Descendant Dragoness costume which Yuki is cosplaying in this photoset.


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