Manaria Friends Cosplay By Luffy and Olivie


Manaria Friends is a 2019 short anime series that is a spin off of Shingeki no Bahamut(Rage of Bahamut). The show is apparently a little more relaxed compared to Shingeki no Bahamut and may not appeal to some viewres who are fans of the latter.

However, for cosplayers, the character appearance, is part of what draws them to a certain anime. In this anime, the protagonists, particularly “Grea” who is half dragon and half girl is a challenge to cosplay and what cosplayer doesn’t love a challenge and a chance to prove their creativity?

Cosplayers, Luffy and Olivie, are obviously up for that challenge as they portray two of Manaria Friends’s protagonists named Anne and Grea in this endearing photoshoot.

Anne Cosplayer: Luffy
Grea Cosplayer: Olivie
Photography By: Ken Works


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