Did You Call For Amira?


Does this cosplay look familiar to you? If it does you’re probably a Granblue Fantasy game fan. Cosplayer, Àn chéng xuě (暗城雪) obviously is, here’s her luscious portrayal of Amira, a half-god, half-demon girl who searches for traces of her mother. The land that Amira seeks is a distant place that is shrouded by mystery, but this is not enough to stop her from reaching her goal.

If you’re into RPG games played on platforms like Super Nintendo and PlayStation in the 90s, then Grablue Fantasy is probably one game that you would want to play. This mobile RPG game is one of the many to hit Japan’s markets and one of the few that have caught the interest of the international gaming community due to its aesthetic charm and story line. However, if gaming isn’t exactly your thing but you would still like to know more about this franchise, there is an animation you could watch called “GRANBLUE FANTASY: The Animation“. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t played the game when you watch the anime because it’s quite understandable, so give it a try!


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