Did Someone Call For A Mechanic?


Rejoice Final Fantasy fans, because we have yet another fantastic cosplay for you.

If you’re still not over the Final Fantasy XV hype, have played it over and over, and still looking for new material to fan girl/fan boy over, how about some cosplay then? Here’s one cosplay of the lovely Cidney Aurum realistically portrayed Misa Chiang. Oil, dirt, car soot and all, it’s in this cosplay. Now that’s accuracy! It’s not just about the costume and sloppily putting on a wig, it’s about finding the right material for the pieces, styling that wig properly, and finding an appropriate setting for the cosplay.

Cidney, also called Cindy in English, is a mechanic wih a passionate love for technology and cars. Despite experiencing a rough childhood Cidney remains optimistic, making her very admirable to a number of suitors which she completely ignores as she is too “married to her work”. Well, you’ve seen women who likes men with cars but Cidney is a woman who likes cars more than she likes men


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