Penny Poison gets wicked with a glass snake


It’s the age old riddle: How many pages of SFW material do I get to pick from in BlueBlood‘s Penny Poison shoot? The answer? The loneliest number. Yup. Of the ten full pages of Penny Poison magic, only one single page is anywhere remotely SFW. The fun of it all is, with the wicked schoolgirl outfit the turn really comes when the hand blown glass snake comes in for play. If you’ve seen Penny Poison before (and really, if you haven’t go back through the archives! She’s a home-run of wicked fun every time!) then you know she has a forked tongue. To see her do things with that snake could be the definition of meta. Meta hot, too.

What can make something move from hot to Meta hot is how the set unfolds. The colors are amazing from her hair to her perfect eye make up (seriously, whomever does make up here needs an award). I think this is a trademark of Amelia G and Forrest Black – the use of colors, even when vibrant and loud, still pop out in the most subtle of ways. The mixture of ‘turn it up to 11’ and soft undertones are what animate the stills in our eyes. When schoolgirl Penny Poison comes to the stage we think of things that are part playful and no part puritan. However, it’s the slow movement – deliberate motions throughout – that really pop off the page. I love how she can make a rather ‘simple’ thing like undressing become a fully invested event. One with a well placed pay-off.

If you thought Penny Poison looked good in that school girl out fit, wait until you see her out of it. Her moves with that snake set this shoot off into the Stratosphere. I am lucky (and so are you!) enough to show you one-single-shot of her and the snake. I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination (or if you are the more solid sort, click on through to see the full debauchery). A selection of the favorite images from this series also appear in Barely Evil Magazine, which is available from Zinetastic – the same distributor who gets SexyFandom’s Bazowie! Magazine out to the world.

We always love working with Penny Poison and I really like this mischievous trouble-making schoolgirl inspired set. I feel like we should have maybe let her jump on the bed more, but I think that hand blown glass snake was calling her name.


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