Megumi Kato Hopping Into Your Screen


Do you miss Megumi Kato from Saekano? Well, here’s a treat for you, a bunny girl version of Megumi Kato from YiYi. For those not familiar with this show, Sakeano is a shortened from of the title “Saenai Kanojo no Sodatekata” which translates to How To Raise A Boring Girlfriend. Megumi Kato is a classmate of the main character of the story, Tomoya Aki. She is barely noticed by him even thought they were classmates since their first year. Megumi inspires Tomoya to make a dating simulation game featuring her as a heroine, however, Tomoya is disappointed by her real personality as he is always the target of Megumi’s insults and deadpan retorts. She also seems emotionless and is described as having a “flat” attitude and having a “lack of presence” which is quite the opposite description of this cosplay, because it’s a head turner.


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