Megumi Kato Cosplay By CC


Cosplay has evolved so much through the years. Not to mention the consumer goods sector has now stepped into the game and have started businesses that manufacture quality costumes. This makes it easier for a lot of cosplayers because let’s face it, it saves time. In the same way, it encourages more would-be cosplayers to take part in cosplaying without the hassle of having to make the costumes themselves, not getting it done, and eventually in giving up.

I’ve seen a lot of this cosplay of Saekano’s Megumi Kato lately worn by different cosplayers and sold at different shops. It’s a complete set from head to toe. It’s got a simple design but it’s well-woven and by the looks of it, you get your money’s worth. In case you’re curious and want one for yourself, some shops have tagged this as the “Megumi Kato SUKUMIZU Cosplay” or “Megumi Kato School Swimsuit Cosplay”. I know, how can this be called a school swimsuit? It looks more like lingerie. Beats me, I don’t know either but that’s probably anime logic for ya.

At the end of it all, it doesn’t matter where you get your cosplay or what it’s called, it’s how you flaunt it that’s going to determine the success of your cosplay.

Cosplayer: 小沧CC
Photo: 原po


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