Priscilla’s Broken Form


“My daddy… Give me back my daddy… He was so kind to me. I loved him so much, and yet before my very eyes, my daddy ate the guts of my mama, brother, and sister. That’s why I killed him! I crept up behind him while he was eating my sister’s guts and cut off his head!” This was the line said prior to Priscilla, from the anime series Claymore, passing her limit. Priscilla was to be Claymore No. 2 of Teresa’s generation and is considered to be the second most powerful character in the series, surpassing all the Abyssals . During her time as a Claymore, she possessed incredible potential as a warrior and, like Teresa, could fight without using her Yoki.

Our cosplay for today is the very alluring and pretty Ariena Ten or real name, Alena. She’s been cosplaying for more than 5 years and for the 5 years, she have shown her skills, willingness and love for cosplay. What’s more about Ariena is the due to her Russian genes, as well know most russian young female has this big eyes which is really best for cosplaying anime charcters. Besides cosplyaying and being a model, she’s also a photographer and studies as the designer of clothes which she continues to apply on her cosplays.

I’m proudly hands down with this cosplay because this isn’t just any “wear and go” cosplay. This type of cosplay needs a lot and I mean A LOT of preparations. From applying the outfit itself, to makeup and finishing touches which needs to be applied on a day of the cosplay itself. Not just that, despite needing a lot of preparation, they didn’t given up on the quality of the cospaly and was able to copy and I believe made it even better than Pricilla’s broken form in the anime.

Pretty, Gorgeous, Alluring, Sexy, Attractive and Lovely yet it isn’t enough to describe her and it’s really good thing that I happened to learn about her. Many cosplayer keeps popping up nowadays but I can assure you the Arienai-ten would go far long so let’s continue support her by following her on Facebook, and Youtube.


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