Inori’s Dream


Pull the void and materialize it for battle. Have you watched guilty crown? If you haven’t, I really recommend that you watch it, besides having a good story the art and special effects really is outstanding. The character design for this light novel was very well made and much better in the anime. Well anyway, our character for today is a the main heroine of the series and really looks cute and innocent despite having a very opposite inner personality due to some problems and her name is Inori. Inori Yuzuriha is the female protagonist of Guilty Crown and a member of the resistance guerrilla group called “Funeral Parlor”. She is the voice of the internet artist “Egoist”. She is a beautiful girl with light pink hair that ombres into hot pink and is tied into pigtails, she ties her hair using two tubes, and has a small red clip on the left side of her face. Inori has red eyes and small, glossed lips


Our cosplay for today is the very alluring and pretty Ariena Ten or real name, Alena. She’s been cosplaying for more than 5 years and for the 5 years, she have shown her skills, willingness and love for cosplay. What’s more about Ariena is the due to her Russian genes, as well know most russian young female has this big eyes which is really best for cosplaying anime charcters. Besides cosplyaying and being a model, she’s also a photographer and studies as the designer of clothes which she continues to apply on her cosplays. Damn, I remembered Ariena saying that this cosplay doesn’t really suit her at all but the heck with that? We can obviously see that it really suits her just fine and she’s really pretty doing this Inori cosplay. I know that Arienai Ten is used in doing sexy and hot cosplays but this Inori cosplay suits her the same it really looks gorgeous with it. The dress specially is something that can’t just be used solely for cosplay but also for other things. Even though Ariena Ten is saying that this doesn’t suit her, I’ll give her an 8.5/10 for this because it really does.

Pretty, Gorgeous, Alluring, Sexy, Attractive and Lovely yet it isn’t enough to describe her and it’s really good thing that I happened to learn about her. Many cosplayer keeps popping up nowadays but I can assure you the Arienai-ten would go far long so let’s continue support her by following her on Facebook, and Youtube.


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