Iris as Inori of Guilty Crown


I remember watching this anime called Guilty Crown it was about a boy who received a power called The right hand of the King through this he was able to extract weapons or tools that manifests people’s heart. For example if I was a person who is very controlling, my tool would be some kind of a chain or anything that binds something and if I was a person who is very caring and warm, I would get a tool that would heal other people from damages and wounds. Guilty Crown was written by the same author as the famous anime called Code Geass.

For this day we would discuss a model by the famous Milligan Vick who cosplayed Inori Yuzuriha, the female protagonist of the story who is also famous internet going by the name “Egoist”. Inori is described as an emotionless character and very dependent to others in doing basic needs such as changing cloths and other stuff. Going back, like what I said before Inori was a famous internet artist and like any artist in Japan they always come with very revealing cloths. Thus led to this very interesting cosplay.

The cosplayer’s name is Iris, one of Milligan Vick’s model. She cosplayed the white and black version of Inori’s idol outfit. The illustrator of Guilty Crown, Shion Mizuki, seems to have made Inori’s outfit impossible to be tailored. The sleeves were too long that it’s very hard to place it up during photoshoots but I really like how he made the revealing part for the cleavage of Inori even though not having that big of a chest. For the cosplay I was really surprise on how they did it, the outfit was like a really really deep v neck, I was surprised on how it didn’t fell off. But nevertheless both the model and hair and make up was very elegant and captured the grace of Inori Yuzuriha of Guilty Crown. If you want to view more of Milligan Vick’s models and cosplays go to her website here. Don’t forget to follow her on twitter.


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