Kato Megumi Cosplay Is So Pure


“It’s not like I want something like a confession. I’m fine with a chance to fall in love, just a little. I just want simple, casual words. Words that can make one say, “ah, so I could fall in love just like that…” ”
-Kato Megumi

With words like that, I’m no longer wonder why this doe-eyed dreamy hopeless romantic girl, Kato Megumi, is a fan favorite even going so far as calling her their “wife” and “best girl”. This beautiful cosplay of the character is by ManU in her “default clothes” which is her school uniform in which she is often seen in. It’s simple but accurate. The hair and the blue sailor uniform are enough for fans to distinguish which character this is. The photoshoot setting is appropriate for the cosplay too – by the window. Because in anime and game logic heroines are most often dreamily found posing beside classroom windows.


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