Daring Bunny Girl Kato Megumi


In most harem comedy animes you rarely find characters written with a lot of depth and surprisingly Saekano isn’t one of them and for that reason, even though I am not a fan of harem, I think I can appreciate this anime in terms of that aspect. Although some fans have mentioned that the first season didn’t make that much impact and the second season was a thousand times better, the fact that it got a second season anime adaptation and not dropped right after one season proved that it was worthy to still be on television screens. So if you happen to see a copy of it on the shelves, you might want to check that out.

If you need more motivation to pick up that Blu-ray or DVD box, how bout a cosplay of one of the characters from Sakeano? Here’s a cosplay of Megumi Kato. There have been countless numbers of cosplays from this franchise by loyal fans like this one and if its got all these fans paying homage to the characters through cosplay, this proves that this isn’t just another trashy harem anime you should skip.

Cosplayer: 疯猫ss
Photo By: alan岚少


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